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As Yardımcılar company, our company provides services to TÜV/TÜRK stations with the principle of 7/24 hours service. Your after-sales service demands are registered by our service personnel. Registered faults are conveyed to related regional directorates.  Our colleagues who are regional officers carry out procedures by preparing solution plans in the direction of information they get from you about the fault. As required by quality standards, related personnel are directed to provide service to you quickly. Each personnel directed to service are technicians who are experts in their fields. Directed service vehicles are full equipped and equipped with online vehicle tracking system. Journey time to arrive at fault and approximate time is in accordance with European standards and accordance with these standards, intervention is delivered to you quickly and safely. All our vehicles are equipped with spare parts and service.

Detailed and accurate information must be provided in fault reports. Remember that each service is provided to you in accordance with quality assurance requirements. As a result of these operations, you pay the charge. We would like to be remembered as a company which deserves your payment in all circumstances.

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