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About us

Yardımcılar Otomotiv has been established in 1976; and provides sales and after sales services for service workshop equipment. Our company is an authorized agency and distributor of the companies, that are the leader of their business sector and that manufacture their products according to the world-class environmental and business standards. Our company has been awarded with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificates, and we guarantee that the companies we represent has ISO 9001, TÜV, DEKRA and CE approval certificates; and also we serve our customers with our workshop that has been awarded with a TSE service place competence certificate. We also provide a WARRANTY approved by the Ministry of Industry of Turkish Republic for our services.   



1) To increase our staff training to 20 hrs/person per year

2) Holding meetings for improvement with our providers that have scored under 75 in provider assessments, and ensuring that minimum 2 of them are improved.

3) Implementation of the Interneer project in all departments at the end of the year.

4) Ensuring that our Calibration Laboratory complies with the conditions of accreditation to provide proper service to our customers. The criterion for this is to succeed in the provider assessments of our customers.


5) Providing “Applied Marketing Trainings” for all our sales staff.

6) At least reaching the number of projects we have realized last year also this year.


7) 100% follow-up of customer concerns.
8) Providing training to our technical staff for 14 hrs/person per year,
9) Ensuring that our average satisfaction score in customer inquiries is at least 85%.

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